A Commodity Expert Group for Mushrooms

The GEPC will set up a Commodity Expert Group for Minor Uses specific for Mushrooms.

Commodity Expert Groups  consist of national minor uses experts and représentatives of growers associations. They aim at finding solutions against minor uses issues – when there is a lack of authorized products on the market– for specific cultures such as fruits and vegetables, rice, etc.

These groups are coordinated by the EU Minor Uses Coordination Facility.

The GEPC met with EU Minor Uses Coordinator in order to set up a specific CEG for Mushrooms. The Group will replace the GEPC Technical Commissions that were previously held once a year or every two years.

The Mushroom CEG will be composed of one or two experts from each delegation of the GEPC, but it is open to all experts on mushrooms from any EU member State. The first meeting will take place in Germany, on the 29th of September, 2016.

With this specific CEG, the mushroom sector’s minor uses issues will be more visible and will receive a better support.