GEPC Membership

In accordance with the GEPC Rules of Procedures, here are the required steps to follow in order to become a member of the GEPC:

  1. The applying organization shall be appointed by one of the organisations members of Copa or Cogeca as the mushroom representative in its own country.
  2. Once appointed, the organization shall send a letter to the President of the GEPC at least 2 months before a meeting (the GEPC usually holds meetings in January and in June).
    The letter should demonstrate the representativeness of the Organisation in the sector of cultivated mushrooms. It should also reveal the existence of any contact with other existing organisations representing mushrooms.
  3. The members of the GEPC will then make a decision regarding the admission by vote by qualified majority during a meeting.

Once the organization has paid its contribution, it is considered as a member of the GEPC.